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How Technology Companies are Scoring Year-end Discounts Now, but Paying in 2017

How Technology Companies are Scoring Year-end Discounts Now, but Paying in 2017


Year-end discounts from vendors are enticing, but many technology companies have already spent their annual budgets at this point in the year. Fortunately, these companies can still take advantage of year-end vendor discounts by using next year’s budget – a solution made possible through leasing.

With a lease or finance agreement, you can order the equipment you need this year and not make any payments until 2017. Leasing offers a variety of flexible options to tailor your solution further: from term length and monthly payment amount to ownership and even the start date of payments.

The process is simple – all you need to get started is a quote for the equipment. From there, a knowledgeable leasing provider can help you select the best options for your organization. Once you choose the appropriate term and structure, a purchase order for your equipment can typically be placed in just a few days.

Benefits a Leasing Company Can Provide:

  • A vehicle to acquire your equipment now, with no payments until next year.
  • Access to low rates: Lower your payments to reduce cash disbursements.
  • Vendor neutrality: Select the equipment that meets your current needs, even across multiple vendors and asset types.

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