Revenue-generating Equipment

Communications Provider Leverages a Leasing Strategy to Aid Growing Pains

The Customer

Organization Type:
Communications Provider


Project Scope:
IT Equipment

First American

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  • Flexible schedules
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  • Online lease management

The Challenge:

As a leading communications provider, this company’s need for technology was directly related to its business volume. As the company continued to gain more clients in the civil and criminal justice markets, capital equipment needs grew rapidly. To provide services to a growing client base, the company needed a cost-effective way to acquire new revenue-generating equipment right now – while also maintaining the flexibility to expand with demand over time.

Our Solution:

First American was able to provide a custom solution to match the company’s unique situation. A lease line provided easy access to funds as equipment needs arose. This allowed the company to order the additional servers, antennas, towers, and tablets required to deliver communication services to new clients while making payments solely on the portion of the lease line in use. Thanks to the flexibility of leasing this revenue-generating equipment, versus buying it outright, the company eliminated several budget spikes while paying just a low monthly payment over time.

Business Impact:

The lease line allowed this communications provider the flexibility to acquire the equipment needed to run their growing business – while keeping cash flows stabilized. By making the strategic decision to lease revenue-generating equipment, the company is able to make easy monthly payments as new service lines are ramping up. This conserves cash for other important company initiatives and provides an ideal strategy to manage growth in the years ahead.

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