Computer Refresh Program

Service Provider Makes Strategic Decision to Pay for Usage, Not Ownership

The Customer

Organization Type:
Technology Management Services


Project Scope:
Computer Refresh Program

First American

  • Highly customized solutions
  • Operating leases
  • Competitive rates, no fees
  • Efficient e-documents
  • Online lease management

The Challenge:

With the desire to stay competitive and avoid future repairs and maintenance, a leading provider of technology management services sought to replace outdated company computers with new desktops and laptops. While the company could see the value of regularly refreshing technology equipment, it did not yet have a set structure in place to achieve all the benefits of this strategy. Executives sought a flexible, easy-to-manage solution that would allow them to move the project forward while also creating a plan for future equipment acquisitions.

Our Solution:

First American created a disciplined refresh program for the company’s computer acquisitions. A lease line provided easy access to funds to meet the needs of the client’s staggered roll-out plan. The project was structured as a 48-month operating lease. This allowed the company to pay less over the life of the lease than the outright equipment cost, creating considerable savings and eliminating the large budget spike of paying cash. Administering the program is effortless for the client, thanks to the online CustomerConnectTM lease management portal that seamlessly integrates with the company’s existing asset management tags and system. As old equipment comes off lease in the future, return centers are close and convenient. New equipment can be quickly added with flexible terms, and electronic documents make executing new lease agreements a breeze.

Business Impact:

As a technology-focused company, this service provider understands the value of keeping its technology equipment for pre-defined lifespans via a disciplined refresh program – opting to pay for usage rather than ownership. Efficient equipment returns and comprehensive lease maintenance tools minimize the administrative burden. Additionally, having a dedicated Project Manager to oversee all aspects of the lease simplifies the process even further. As a result, the company’s more strategic use of resources empowers them to do what they do best: drive business growth by helping end users achieve maximum productivity and reliability with their own IT systems.

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