Computer Refresh Program

Developer Uses Refresh Program to Add Structure to Equipment Acquisition Strategy

The Customer

Organization Type:
Communications Application Developer


Project Scope:
Computer Refresh Program

First American

  • Operating leases
  • Competitive rates, no fees
  • Flexible schedules
  • Streamlined equipment returns
  • Vendor neutral

The Challenge:

For this leading application and systems developer of audio, data, and video collaboration and conferencing, access to cutting-edge technology is critical. Historically, the company purchased its computers outright, but as the equipment aged, the IT team continually needed to assess whether to repair or replace individual items. This ad-hoc approach was an inefficient use of resources and took precious attention away from more strategic matters.

While this debt-free, financially stable company did not need financing, they considered leasing as a strategy to help systematize technology deployment across the organization.

Our Solution:

First American developed a technology refresh program using a 36-month operating lease. This vendor-neutral solution allowed the client to use the leased equipment for a period of time matched with its useful life, then simply return it for new, state-of-the-art technology.

Considering the high quantity of laptops and desktops needed, managing the logistics of the refresh program was a concern for the company. First American addressed this by offering quarterly rollouts. Staggered deployments and returns made the process much easier to manage and ensured that a constant rotation of new equipment was flowing through the company on a regular basis.

Business Impact:

First American’s lease-based refresh program completely changed the way the client acquired technology – for the better. Company executives have successfully used leasing to manage equipment lifecycles for 10 years and counting. They appreciate how easy the program is to administer, and they value First American’s willingness to work around their scheduling preferences.

With a steady influx of new technology, the company is once again at the forefront of their industry and able to fully deliver on its brand promise to provide the best communication solutions possible.

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